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Azure Skåne AI Day 2020

  • Seminar

Welcome to yet another AI flavoured event by Azure Skåne User Group
Again we are proud to present a full packed day with Knowledge sharing from wastly experienced profiles.
Azure Skåne is hosting this AI event online and locally at Foo Café for a limit number of attendees, featuring local and international speakers.
This is a great opportunity to build or extend your knowledge about AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive services and more.

If you want to attend the event online:
Please register with this link:


Build intelligent search with Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Functions - Daniel Krzyczkowsk
Nowadays many solutions provide search functionality which is so simple for the user but can be challenging to build especially when there are different document types and sources. This session will walk you through the intelligent search solution built to easily extract relevant content from the documents and data sources using Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Functions. We will discuss some concepts related with Azure Cognitive Search and enrichment pipeline skillsets. The demo will cover how to set up Azure Cognitive Search, how to enrich its search pipeline with custom skills using Azure Functions, and how to display results in the structured form.

Monitoring service quality with Artificial Intelligence - Alexander Klein
Since you often have the task of document recognition, text evaluation or image rating in Office 365, I show you the link to Cognitive Services, where you can generate various added values for your Office 365 project using image and text recognition methods. I use function calls for the direct call of the Cognitive Services and show you how you can directly access external API (of the Cognitive Services). The example in this session is about the evaluation of the service quality of the #SQLKellner. It explains step by step how to assemble all components to get a "Service AI Power App" that runs on every smartphone or tablet. The list of ingredients includes Cognitive Services (AI), Power Apps, an Azure SQL DB, a Logic App and Power BI.

Azure Custom Vision in action - Goran Vuksic (Hands on)
In this hands-on workshop, we'll make a deep dive into the Azure Custom Vision and we'll train custom models for classification and object detection.
Through this workshop you will:
- learn Azure Custom Vision in details,
- prepare and tag images for model training,
- train models for classification and detection,
- retrain and improve you models,
- and more.

Please note: In order to follow this workshop, Azure account is required, if you don't have one you can create it here for free:

Transfer Learning for Deep Learning: From Custom Vision to TensorFlow & ML.NET - Luis Beltran
Transfer learning is a machine learning technique in which a model that was developed for an initial task serves now as the starting point for a model on a second duty. It is quite useful in Deep Learning since compute and time resources are limited, so you a pre-trained model can be used as an input for a computer vision or natural language processing task.
Let's demonstrate how Transfer Learning works in ML.NET by exploring the following scenario:
- Firstly, an Azure Custom Vision image classification model that uses the Open Images Dataset is trained, published and exported to TensorFlow.
- Then, transfer learning is applied to this model using the ML.NET Image Classification API in order to create a new, custom deep learning model to identify specific image categories. All the knowledge gained when solving the initial classification problem is useful for shortcutting another training process and solve a second classification.

Notes and comments
*If time allows it, I can also include how to publish the model for external usage, either from a mobile application or website.

A big welcome!


Daniel Krzyczkowski - Principal Software Engineer at Predica LLC, Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight Author Twitter:  @DKrzyczkowski Blog:

Alexander Klein - Senior Business Intelligence consultant Twitter:  @SQL_Alex Blog: 

Goran Vuksic - Twitter:  @gvuksic Blog: 

Luis Beltran - Microsoft MVP, Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer Twitter:  @darkicebeam Blog: 


10.00 – 10.15 Introduction and Welcome
10.15 – 11.15  Build intelligent search with Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Functions - Daniel Krzyczkowsk
11.15 – 12.15  Monitoring service quality with Artificial Intelligence - Alexander Klein
12.15 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.00 Azure Custom Vision in action - Goran Vuksic (Hands on!)
14.00 - 15.00 Transfer Learning for Deep Learning: From Custom Vision to TensorFlow & ML.NET - Luis Beltran

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