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Master Class
Rapid Software Testing w James Bach

Wednesday - Friday, October 16-18
08.30 - 17.00

A three-day course with James Bach
Skåne has been waiting for way too many years for James Bach to return with the RST. This is the testing class to attend if you are serious about your testing.

This unique 3-day course introduces you to Rapid Software Testing, the skill of testing any software, any time, under any conditions, such that your work stands up to scrutiny.

Rapid testing is a way to scale thorough testing methods to fit an arbitrarily compressed schedule. Rapid testing doesn't mean "not thorough", it means "as thorough as is reasonable and required, given the constraints on your time." A good rapid tester is a skilled practitioner who can test productively under a wider variety of conditions than conventionally trained (or untrained) testers.

Rapid testing is a personal discipline, teachable and learnable, that allows you to think and talk about testing with confidence. Rapid testing is indispensable when you are asked to test something on short notice, off the top of your head, early in the development process, or when you're in the process of developing test cases and procedures for future use. This approach is also useful even when you're called upon to test more thoroughly, and given the time and resources to do so.

Learn how to:
In this class we test real software, under time pressure. You will practice cutting applications down to size with rapid idea generation techniques. You will practice critical reasoning on your feet, and come out a stronger, more valuable tester. This is your stepping stone to a job guarantee.

Is this course for you?
The ideal student is anyone who feels driven to be an excellent software tester or test manager as well as product owners involved in acceptance tests. The class is useful to all levels of tester, but seems to be most appreciated by experienced testers who want to become expert testers. The class works well when strong-minded and skeptical students attend the class. They challenge the instructor and make the class better, just like testers should. We try to make it the most stimulating intellectual experience possible.

For more info, see http://www.satisfice.com/info_rst.shtml

Equipment - All attendees must bring their own laptop.

The course includes documentation, coffee/tea and lunch.

This course is brought to you by

House of Test

 Attendee(s) Price: 15.000 SEK / attendee
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