Malmö, Sweden

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Partner meet-up

From invitation to successful event

15.00 Friday, Aug 25

event, marketing, communication


Community Builders' Event

From invitation to successful event

16.00 Friday, Aug 25

events, communication, marketing


Five Year Anniversary

What went wrong with the IT-industry?

14.00 Sunday, Aug 27



CoderDojo Malmö

Kom och lär dig koda

17:30 Monday, Aug 28

coderdojo, geek, learning, programming, youth


Toastmasters Malmö

Want to be a better Speaker?

18:00 Monday, Aug 28

communicating, leadership, people, presenting, speaking

Ds presentation3

After Work Seminar

Five milestones in criminal evolution, and how they impact you

17:30 Tuesday, Aug 29

security, cybercrime, big data

Ds seminar2


Digitaliserad Hårdvarutveckling

08:00 Wednesday, Aug 30

hardware, methodology, MBD, 3D modelling


CoderDojo Malmö

Kom och lär dig koda

17:30 Wednesday, Aug 30

coderdojo, geek, learning, programming, youth


ML/AI Workshop

Image classification

17:30 Thursday, Aug 31

Machine Learning, AI, algorithms

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Aug 31

business, entrepreneurship, innovation, lean, startup


After Work Seminar

Machine learning and AI, then, now and into the future

17:30 Monday, Sep 04

machine Learning, AI, algorithms

Ds seminar1

After Work Seminar

Being an UX coach - making UX simple to grasp for everyone

17:30 Tuesday, Sep 05

ux, design, coaching

H2k logo 01

After Work Seminar

The entrepreneur’s guide to the startup graveyard

17:30 Wednesday, Sep 06

entrepreneurship, startup, sales


CocoaHeads Malmö

Gems of GameplayKit

17:30 Thursday, Sep 07

iOS, mobile development, gameplaykit

Ds seminar2

After Work Seminarie

Getting 17 teams from 3 locations into SAFe

17:30 Wednesday, Sep 13

agile, scaling, safe, communication


After Work Seminarie

Fler kvinnor inom IT — för kvinnors eller för IT-branchens skull?

17:30 Thursday, Sep 14

leadership, management, motivation


Öresund Toastmasters

Toastmasters Area Contest

09:00 Saturday, Sep 16

communicating, leadership, people, presenting, speaking

Ds seminar1

After Work Seminar

A Secured Smart City

17:30 Wednesday, Sep 20

security, iot, crypto


Master Class

Tech-talker course

17:30 Tuesday, Oct 10

management, people, presenting, speaker

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