Hack Your Future

A course for Newcomers

We teach newcomers coding

HackYourFuture is our way of helping refugees and immigrants finding a job. We give them a six month education in software development. At no cost. There is no need for the students to have a coding background. Our team of mentors and project managers teach the students coding and prepare them as good as possible for a future within IT. With our network of partner companies we believe there are good opportunities for our students to land a job right after finishing their studies.The students work 40 hours a week with their assignments. And we have five parallel classes running each year.

Support the work we do!

We believe in being socially responsible. That’s why we are so strongly committed to this project. But in all honesty - running HackYourFuture is costly dedication for us. We need sponsors to be able to continue our work. The project is in urgent need of financial support! Contact us today! If you feel your company could do more for our society and would like to contribute, please join this humanitarian cause to make a better world. Help these talented people get an education and fulfill their dreams of becoming professional developers.

Do you want to be our next student?

Please send an application to our project manager Baraa Hatem. You will be put through some initial tests where we will determine your ability to follow through our curriculum. You don’t need to have a technical background - what matters for us is that you have the grit to study hard, have good knowledge of the English language and a logical mindset.


Project Manager HYF:
Baraa Hatem, baraa@foocafe.org, 0764-755182

Donation & Sponsorship:
Michael Tiberg, michael@foocafe.org, 0701-469254

Marketing & CSR:
Patric Moreau, patric@foocafe.org, 0767-889800

Platinum Partners

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Premium Partners

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