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Retroactive thoughts


James Bach
James Bach did a talk about "Tester Interrupted" on April 2 in-front of 150 people.

A selection of comments from Twitter

Sasan Fallahi (@SasanFallahi): @jamesmarcusbach @_FooCafe_ i didn't know he would be such good entertainment.

Peter Bengtsson (@thetestnerd): @jamesmarcusbach @_FooCafe_ I just love listening to passionate people, especially when they talk about software testing :)

Basse (@basze): Great and inspiring talk by @jamesmarcusbach today @_foocafe_ left me eager to learn! pic.twitter.com/KVm0ewcJ9J



Code as a Crime Scene
Adam Petersen did a presentation at Lat55 meet up

A selection of comments from Twitter

Balazs Suhajda (@suhajdab): Adam Petersen giving his really interesting, mind boggling "Code as a Crime Scene" talk at at @_foocafe_ @lat55se

Captain Ad-Hoc (@cpt_adhoc): Very interesting talk today about analysing and visualizing the complexity of your code in ways i've never thought of before. @_FooCafe_



Grokking Git by seeing it
Enrico Campidoglio did a talk in-front of 50 geeks - highly appreciated.

A selection of comments from Twitter.

Balazs Suhajda (@suhajdab): @ecampidoglio @_FooCafe_ Thank you for the relaxed, but in-depth presentation and q&a session!

Christian Pendelton (@chop_se): @ecampidoglio @_FooCafe_ Thank you for a good seminar Enrico. You gave me new insights even though I am quite experienced with git.

Marcus Ljungblad (@mljungblad): @ecampidoglio Thanks for the talk yesterday! Always great to see stuff live and very pedagogical @_FooCafe_



Distributed Teams - a pragmatic way
Björn Granvik presented his experiences from Neo Technology and how they benefit from being a distributed team (spread all over the world, literally).

A selection of comments from ...

Jonas Lewin: One of the all time best presentations in Foo Café. He had a vast knowledge and experience in the subject, and was able to present it in way that I forgot how long time had passed since he started. Thank you!

Marcus Ljungblad (@mljungblab): @bjorngranvik Thank you! Great talk too! Sorry I had to run in the QA.



This Is Geek Night
more than 400 people attended This Is Geek Night - Erik Meijer's presented the Teapot Story, After Work and finally Code Clubbing

A selection of comments from Twitter.

@achaido @suhajdab @sofiafranzen @_FooCafe_ thank you for bringing the awesome energy. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Will have to loop it!

@suhajdab Big thanks to @achaido & @sofiafranzen & @_FooCafe_ for the latest Code Clubbing session in Malmö! Ps: Still loved the ikea led touch ☺

@sofiafranzen @Hagerhult @_FooCafe_ @headinthebox @achaido yeah, what an awesome night! Let's do it soon again :D #codeclubbing

@achaido @_FooCafe_ thanks to you as kickass host! And thanks @headinthebox for the inspirational lecture! And @sofiafranzen for being the sweetest!

@anddoutoi while ( #thisisgeeknight ) { code(); } #codeclubing #nbeer


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