Stockholm, Sweden

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Community Builders’ Event

How to build a community that lives on and keeps developing

17.45 Monday, Oct 23

community, leadership,

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Agile People & Engineering Leadership

The Future of Work - A conversation among noble minds

17:00 Tuesday, Oct 24

OPO, Self Organising, Leadership

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Smart Coding

Women in IT - the Who, What and How

17:30 Wednesday, Oct 25

Women in Tech



Hur fungerar ett självorganiserande team i praktiken?

17.30 Tuesday, Oct 31

teal, self organising, team, leadership

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Knock Data

Hands on Data Analytics with Apache Spark

17:45 Thursday, Nov 02

Big Data

Ds seminar1

After Work Seminar

File > New .NET Framework Core Standard App 2

17:30 Tuesday, Nov 07

software development, .NET core

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Quora Group

World Quora Meet-up

18:00 Friday, Nov 10


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Digital Transformation

Innovation in Digital Transformation

18:00 Wednesday, Nov 22

Digital Transformation

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