Wednesday 30 Nov 17:30

Why do we counteract cooperation with domain experts?

Domain Driven Design meet-up


LEVEL: intermediate

A typical bottle neck in software development projects is the lack of deep understanding between developers and domain experts. One of the cornerstones in domain-driven design (DDD) is to address this bottleneck by striving to create and use a ubiquitous language.

But it's common that even developers who live and breath DDD, just want to and can't avoid to describe the heart of the domain in a low level language such as Java or C# for example, which immediately creates a hinder for the cooperation where the shared language is hidden by technical stuff such as higher order functions, repositories and delegates... More or less all domain experts loose the interest in a second when such phrases are used.

We can do better, right!? In this presentation we will discuss an approach to let the shared language also be used for the solution description as code and thereby make the cooperation better everyday between developers and domain experts.

That language in its turn is executed by an engine and is maintained by core developers (and then typically in a low level language). Most of the architecture decisions are dealt with on this level.

Beyond improving the possibilities for cooperation, it's also very much about playing on people's special skills and to create solutions that are extremely small and maintainable.


Jimmy Nilsson author of 'Applying Domain-Driven Design' and appreciated speaker at many international conferences.


17.30-17.45 - Meet & Greet

17.45-18.45 - Jimmy's talk

18.45-19.15 - Food, Beer/Soda/Coffee and Mingle

19.15-20.00 - Fishbowl (in-depth discussion)

20.00- ........ - more mingle

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