Monday 11 Dec 17:45

The Front is the New Back

Sthlm Google Developer Group


LEVEL: Beginner

Speaker: Ado Kukic a Developer Evangelist at Auth0

In the last couple of years, we have seen a significant shift in the way we write apps. More and more, logic is being pushed to the client (browser, native apps, IoT) and new services have emerged to reduce even more the need of backends. But there's more to come. What if we don't need ANY server at all? What if we could write apps mixing client and server side code without having to worry how that code runs? In this session we will go over a new way of writing completely backendless applications using Webtask, Token-based Security, and Angular.



Title: "Sprylang and Odd Ideas in Language Design"

Speaker: Göran Krampe, author of the programming language Spry and team lead at Evothings Labs AB.

"Implementing your own programming language opens up opportunities to experiment in directions that may be fun, clever or downright idiotic. When designing Spry, which is still evolving, I am trying to find new ways to do things - even for the most established mechanisms. Obviously, because it's interesting and fun, but also because most programming languages are stuck in the-way-it-has-always-been-done-must-be-best. In this presentation I will show some of these ideas in Spry, what they were inspired from and hopefully open up a dialog about the need for language evolution and broadening of our views on how a programming language must work."


17.45-18.00 – Meet & Greet

18.00-18.45 – Ado Kukic

18.45-19.15 – Break with something to eat and drink

19.15-20.00 – Göran Krampe

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