Tuesday 29 May 18:00

Privacy by Design: Going Beyond Security

Afterwork seminar


Privacy by Design is one of the hottest topics in the year and is included as a requirement in GDPR

There are a large amount of market products and services with built-in data protection or, privacy by Design, that promise you that the it makes the processing of personal data compliant with the GDPR's high requirements.

Why do many IT providers and security companies compare privacy by design with information security?

It’s good for marketing. Privacy by Design includes important elements of information security, such as data integrity, privilege management and logging. But Privacy by Design is a wider concept than information security. Karen Lawrence Öqvist from Privasee, one of the top GDPR specialists, will tell you about Privacy by
Designs seven basic principles. The basic principles underline that Privacy by Design is primarily about informing users, create transparency and minimize tasks. According to the basic principles, information security plays a minor role than the principles of information, transparency and task

What challenges are there in the organization for implementing Privacy by Design? 

IT, lawyers and business practices have different references and speak different languages, which is a challenge when GDPR requires privacy as standard - inscribed in all parts of the organization, Privacy by Default. Another challenge is that an important part of information security consists in monitoring users' behavior in order to secure IT systems, that could lead to risks of intrusion into user integrity.

This session will offer some practical tips and tools, which you can take and adapt to the practical application of privacy by design in application development.

Karen Lawrence Öqvist, Privasee, an appreciated lecturer and one of Europe's leading Privacy Specialist and Educator. Karen has conquered an MBA, MSc in Information Security and Privacy Certifications with the International Association of Privacy Professionals, IAPP. She has 20+ years experience in information security, compliance and privacy at Fortune 100 companies. Today Karen is CEO of Privasee, a with niche competences in GDPR and Privacy. Speaker at conferences including Nordic IT Security, IP EXPO NORDIC and IDG:s conference Cloud Confession. Karen has created simple tools, methodology including an Agile 7-step DPIA. Soon her guide book A Hands-On Guide to GDPR Compliance: Putting the Theory into Practice will be published. The vision is to make Privacy compliance available to all organisations irrespective of size!


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