Tuesday 19 Jun 18:00

ConsenSys and Decentralized Camp

Decentralized Camp


ConsenSys is a pedigree name in the Ethereum space, they're the best-known Ethereum consulting company and has a peculiar hub-and-spokes structure with ConsenSys being the hub, which all the spoke companies own a part of. 

It so happens they have four people from Sweden already, so we see this as a great chance to both hear more about what's actually going on from true insiders, and bring developers to meet some crypto rockstars.


18:00-18:15: Mingel

18:15-18:45: ConsenSys overview

18:45-19:10: Infura - developing on Ethereum, using the Infura hosted system nodes that are used by e.g. Metamask to bring Ethereum dApps into normal browsers

19:10-19:35: Circles - Universal Basic Income, how can we implement transparent and fair UBI using Ethereum

19:35-20:10: Break with food and drink

20:10-20:35: uPort - achieving sovereignty, you should have a right to choose who you share your data with and you should own your own digital id, which you can use to sign digitally, and to which others then attach credentials

20:35-21:00: ConsenSys VC - distributed investing in the Ethereum startup scene


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