Saturday 22 Sep 9:00

Ada_CONF 2



LEVEL: Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

Birthed in Malmö 2017, adaCONF is a one day, hands on tech conference for non-cismale software developers. Skipping past all the chatter about gender in tech, we’re a space for sharing, innovating and creating cool stuff.

March 2018 saw the success of Stockholm’s first ada_CONF. Supported by King1PasswordiZettle and Detectify the conference welcomed 100 attendees and 14 different presentations. Between talks about coding in a conflict zone and soldering workshops, we managed to fit in GIT, beautiful code, mob programming and DNS. A cool fact, the speakers ranged in age from 14 to 60!

Since it went so well, we can’t find a reason not to create another one. 

Register here for your free ticket, then head over to to read more about the day and learn how you can contribute.


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