Wednesday 31 Oct 8:00

Epidemiology hackathon



Hackathons are frequently used in a range of different fields to solve problems in innovative ways during short periods of time. At this event, we will try to go from start to finish for an entire epidemiology project in one day 

We are doing this primarily as a proof-of-concept and therefore this first event will only support one team of 3 people. If successful, we will look at options for scaling this up in meaningful ways. We encourage the use of public datasets for convenience. If you wish to use a non-public dataset, then everyone in the team must be cleared to have access. Data handling must be in accordance with national and international data privacy and ethics standards and regulations. 

No prerequisite knowledge is needed, however a background in data science/data mining/medicine/epidemiology/biostatistics/machine learning is helpful.



 08.00-10.00   - Brainstorming and dataset selection

 10.00-12.00   - Deciding on analytical approach and data preparation

 12.00-16.00   - Data analysis

 16.00 -22:00  - Manuscript preparation and further analyses

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