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AfterWork Online Event

Foo Quiz Challenge

These days we all need to relax and do fun things together. That’s why we have created a new type of event at Foo Café that focuses on having fun with your colleagues while you compete against other tech companies.

Sign up for the four upcoming Foo Quiz events.

Go on. Do it. Enter a team to the spring Foo music challenge. It’s a series of afterwork music quizzes where your team competes against other companies to see who knows most about music. 

Of course the winning team will get a trophy. 

We will do this third Friday every month in September, October, November and December

Just 4,000:- per team and a special 50% Covid discount: 2,000:- per team
(Foo Café partner companies gets an extra 40% discount: 1,200:- per team). 

And if your colleagues want to cheer you on, they can watch live or online for free. 

Music makes people talk. It’s the fun way to team building.

Result from Foo Quiz Challenge (Spring) 
1. DaBoss, Softhouse, 67 points
2. Sandman, PinMeTo, 48 points
3. Wolfpack, Odd Hill, 16 points
3. On A Friday Afternoon, Sjöbergska Huset, 16 points
5. Chipsätarna, Odd Hill, 14 points
6. On A Odd Hill, OAWA, 13 points


15:45 – 16:00 – Tech check 
16:00 – 16:05 – Introduction
16:05 – 17:00 – Quiz

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