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AW Seminar

Fun iOS development with SwiftUI

Never have iOS development been easier. Thanks to SwiftUI anyone can create an iOS app and especially easy for those who are used to javascript libraries like React and Vue. 
If your company is hesitating of introducing SwiftUI, you can develop a widget that only supports SwiftUI. I will show you how. 

This event will also be live streamed on 


Joacim Nidén - He has been doing web development since 2009 and change to iOS development in 2016 working with clients like Systembolaget, Verisure and Electrolux. He’s also experienced in Android development and been teaching students React development at Hyper Island since 2020.   He’s been working with SwiftUI since it came out 2 years ago in various smaller projects.


17:30 – 17:45 – Meet & Greet
17:45 – 18:30 – Presentation
18:30 – 19:00 – Meet & eat
19:00 – 20:00 – Q&A

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