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DevOps Malmö

Improve your CI/CD pipeline with the pipeline game

  • Workshop

Learn how to design the right Continuous Delivery pipelines during this online game session.

We have invited Sofus Albertsen, DevOps consultant at Eficode, to facilitate a session of the Pipeline game. It’s a free online and open-source game to design a pipeline for a given scenario and optimize the deployment lead time.

We will play in small groups (4-6 people) and discuss what steps are needed and in which order, and estimate the overall deployment lead time. Then we will review the pipelines together and learn from each other.

You can learn more about the game already here:


Sofus Albertsen -  is a DevOps Trainer and Consultant at Eficode in Copenhagen. Before joining Eficode he was an assistant professor on an Applied Science Bachelor program. He loves training and is actively sharing his experience in Continuous Delivery with the community and university students.


15:00-15:05 – Welcome
15:05-15:15 – Intro to the game
15:15-16:15 – Playing in groups
16:15-16:30 – Review and questions

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