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Critical Tech Meetup

Is this a machine generated title? Does it matter?

17.45 Wednesday, Aug 21

security, Artificial Intelligence

Hyf malmoe225

FooCoding: Newcomers

FooCoding Class

11.30 Sunday, Aug 25

SQL, javascript, node, react


Recruit for long-term success

Partner Meet-up

16.00 Tuesday, Aug 27

collaboration, content marketing

Foo 7 475x140


7th Anniversary: Creativity

17:30 Tuesday, Aug 27

software development, creativity


Skåne Azure User Group

CloudBurst Malmö

09.00 Wednesday, Aug 28

Cloud, Azure, kubernetes

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Aug 29

business, lean, innovation, startup, entrepreneurship


Skåne Azure User Group

Global AI Night

17:15 Thursday, Sep 05

Azure, Artificial Intelligence , machine learning


DevOps Malmö

A Dynamic Edge Proxy with HTTP, TCP and no Hands!

17.30 Monday, Sep 09

devops, docker, kubernetes


Hands On Data Science

Introduction to (Latent) Gaussian processes

17.30 Tuesday, Sep 10

Python, machine learning, data analysis, R language


Elixir Malmö

5th Elixir Meetup, Code Kata

17:30 Wednesday, Sep 11

web development, elixir

Event large default

GOTO Night with Kresten Thorup and guest speaker

Index-Free Log Aggregation

17.30 Wednesday, Sep 11

software development, Kafka

Event large default

Afterwork seminar

Black Friday prep. and our transition to the Cloud

17:30 Thursday, Sep 12

frontend, Cloud, e-commerce

Hyf malmoe225

FooCoding: Newcomers

FooCoding: Women

11.00 Sunday, Sep 15

CSS3, HTML5, javascript

Event large default

Afterwork seminar

Sit back and let AI test your code

17.30 Wednesday, Sep 18

Test, security, Artificial Intelligence , cms

Event large default

Afterwork seminar

Why you should love Rust as well...

17.30 Thursday, Sep 19

software development, rust, software


DevOps Malmö

SRE vs DevOps

17.30 Tuesday, Sep 24

Database, devops

Event large default

Afterwork seminar

”I hate agile!”

17:30 Thursday, Sep 26

Agile, software development


Teal for Teal Malmö

Teal open space: New Work is Emerging

17:30 Thursday, Oct 17

teal, self organising

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