Saturday 22 Sep 9:30

Ada_CONF 2



LEVEL: Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

Birthed in Malmö 2017, adaCONF is a one day, hands on tech conference for non-cismale software developers. Skipping past all the chatter about gender in tech, we’re a space for sharing, innovating and creating cool stuff.

March 2018 saw the success of Stockholm’s first ada_CONF. Since it went so well, we can’t find a reason not to create another one. 

This AdaCONF 2 Stockholm will feature 11 different presentations and workshops, ranging across many tech topics. Check out the program above to find out what knowledge will be shared. A light breakfast, lunch and fika will be served throughout the day. The entire conference is vegan, with gluten free alternatives as well. Of course, as with all Foo Café events, tickets are completely free. 

We're grateful to King, Spotify and Youcal for sponsoring the day.


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