Thursday 20 Sep 18:00

C++ Stockholm



Welcome to SwedenCpp::Stockholm 0x0F!

Our focus this time will be code coverage and inter-language communication.

We will be again Foo Café Stockholm, please register with Foo Café for food and drink

I am happy to be able to announcing this very interesting program:


18.00-18.15 – Meet & Greet

18.15-19.00 – SwedenCpp::Stockholm intro and welcome note

                    – Simon Kågström: Kcov - a single-step code coverage tool

19.00-19.30 – Meet & Eat

19.30-20.30 - Thomas Nyberg: How and why to write Python binary extension modules using C++

20.30 –  Q&A

All times , as usual, relative.


The program in detail:

Simon Kågström: Kcov - a single-step code coverage tool

Kcov is a code-coverage collection tool for UNIX systems. It enables single-step collection and reporting and relies on debug information for instrumentation of unmodified binaries. This presentation will demonstrate the use of kcov, explain its design principles and discuss some quirks in the implementation.

Simon Kågström is a software developer for Net Insight, holds a PhD in Computer Systems Engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology and is the main author of Kcov.

Thomas Nyberg:How and why to write Python binary extension modules using C++

This talk will explain what binary extension modules for python are and how they can be written using C++. We will start with an algorithm written in python and iterably move the performance heavy portions into python extension modules written in C++. We will show both how to improve performance as well as how to have more control over memory usage. The focus will be on gaining a practical understanding of both the difficulties of such a tasks as well as learning when such an approach is appropriate.

Thomas Nyberg is a half American half Swede currently living in Stockholm. He is the CTO of Merriam Tech which is a startup in the legal field and he is also a consultant at b3. He got his PhD in Mathematics at Columbia University in 2014, but today mostly focuses on data science and engineering.

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