Saturday 15 Jun 10:00

Ada_CONF 4



LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced

Created in Malmö 2017, ada_CONF is a one day, hands on tech conference for non-cismale software developers. Skipping past all the chatter about gender in tech, we’re a space for sharing, innovating and creating cool stuff.

AdaCONF 4 will feature 12 different presentations and workshops, ranging across many tech topics. If you'd like to contribute as a speaker or workshop organizer, please get in contact with Elena at Enthusiasm to share knowledge is the only requirement. 

All speaker information will be updated here shortly. 

If you know a company wanting to sponsor the day or provide a speaker, please also get in contact with Elena. 

A light breakfast, lunch and fika will be served throughout the day. The entire conference is vegan, with gluten free alternatives available. Of course, as with all Foo Café events, tickets are completely free. 


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