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Win for all

Build trust and opportunities with your audience
In an expansive business it is imperative to increase your visibility and share with others what you do. Competition is fierce and it's vital to get your message across with clarity, as well as to define and target your audience in order for your business to grow and thrive.

Foo Café is a platform to clearly convey your values and show your expertise. You decide what profile you want to show, and Foo Café gives you the opportunities to do so.

Find opportunities in our network
We collaborate with a wide range of user groups in the region, with a huge reach to people in the IT-industry. You get closer to the people you want to reach and get opportunity for open minded discussions that could give you new customers and new employees. As a bonus, we will give your employees free skill development in their spare time.

Working with Foo Café will make the competence profiling of your company subtle and efficient. Foo Café helps you to keep your focus on sharing knowledge and experience. Your company gets support in showing itself as generous, competent and mature. You are one of the good guys. The kind that people seek out to align themselves with. We help you:

Improve your brand: We offer your company visibility to the right target audience, via presence at a variety of activities. Groups can easily see that you support their initiatives.

Grow your skills: We offer unique diversity in courses, workshops and events.

Network: Get in touch with people matching your profile. Everyday offers new activities and meetings at Foo Café.

Meet the right people: Our business is based on people meeting on a neutral meeting ground.

Become a partner
If you're interesting in becoming a Foo Café partner, or learn more what we can offer? Contact us, and we'll get back to you with more information.

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